Monday, August 11, 2008

Me Performing at the Dil Pickle Club on Chicago Amplified!

Listen in on Chicago Amplified!

Founded in 1914 by former Wobbly Jack Jones, Jim Larkin, and the cadre of Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) and the Charles H. Kerr Company—and made famous by "clap doctor" Ben Reitman—the Dil Pickle Club became known as the controversial center of the "Chicago Renaissance."

Writers Sherwood Anderson, Carl Sandburg, Djuna Barnes, William Carlos Williams, Vachel Lindsay, and Kenneth Rexroth, mingled with radicals, unemployed workers, prostitutes, gangsters, and slumming Gold Coast socialites at the famed "Pickle." The irreverent spirit of the Dil Pickle Club was illustrated by the motto emblazoned on the club's door: "Step High, Stoop Low, Leave Your Dignity Outside."

Although its original location (reached by squeezing "Thru the Hole in the Wall Down Tooker Alley, to the Green Lite Over the Orange Door") is long gone, the new Dil Pickle Club will meet three times yearly, in July, November, and March, featuring works by Chicago artists and their international cohorts.

This recording of the first revival at the Gold Coasts's Zebra Lounge includes live music by Tom King Clear, short speaking by Gale Aherns, and new writing by Michael Marcinkowski. The reunion also included a picture show by Robin Hustle and performance art by Matthew Nicholas and Eric Warner.

*Text from Chicago Amplified

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Reconstruction Room Bestiary Curated by Yours Truly...

"Bestiarum Vocabulum"

curated by Jacob S. Knabb

Here begins an examination of the nature of beasts. Of lions and panthers and tigers, wolves and foxes, dogs and apes. Of poets and fictioneers and audio-visual mavens, lurkers and disreputable types, hyenas and scalawags, and all of the mean, lean, mangy, hidebound skinny, worthless cattle in every particular drove.

Wednesday, may 21, 2008
Black Rock Bar
3614 N. Damen
Chicago, Il
8:00 pm


Philip Jenks & Simone Muench: Will be reading poems about Hydras.

Matthew Guenette: Will be reading poems about otters of ill repute.

Jonathan Messinger: Will be reading a piece about wolf-punching.

Greg Purcell: Will be reading poems, dealing with beasties.

Erika Mikkalo: Will be reading poems about the zoo.

Aras and the Volodkas: Will be singing songs about birds and girls with glasses.

Nick Garcia: Will be freestyle rapping about furry topics.

Nicolette Bond: Will be performing a crank-machine paper-roll play about a goat named Yoshi. 

Miki Howald: Will be reading a piece on cryptozoology.

Jacob S. Knabb: Will perform a short one-act play about a couple of country rabbits.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

ACM needs your words...

ACM is at work on a special issue, but we need your help. We are compiling an ACM Bestiarium Vocabulum. Here is a link to give an idea of what we mean by that...:

Also, check out this link to the entries for a host of beasts (we really love the Pelican, in particular)...:

We are not doing a "by the rules" Bestiary. However, we are playing with the ideas that form the basis for them. We also have an amazing Chicago-based artist named Rob Funderburk at work on illustrations to accompany our content. We've got several pieces at present that fit with the theme, but we want more! If you have an interesting story, poem, or Creative Nonfiction essay, please send it our way. Be certain to indicate that the submission is for the ACM Bestiary in the cover letter, and address it to...:

"ACM Bestiary"
c/o Jacob S. Knabb
1842 N. Humboldt Blvd
Apt 3A
Chicago, IL - 60647

Keep in mind that this is not our regular address for submissions, and that only appropriate content will be considered. All other content sent to this address will be rejected outright. Please forward this to writers you know and admire who may have work suitable for this issue. And bear in mind, we don't want any "my dog is so cute when he runs in the grass with the kids that sometimes it makes me cry" type animal stories. Of course, if you've ever seen an issue of ACM, you already know that anyway.

Looking Forward to What This Appeal Might Bring,

Jacob S. Knabb
Managing/Fiction Editor
Another Chicago Magazine


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Short Attention Span Theater, Vol. 1

-curtains rise-

man, seated on a freshly painted green park bench. naked.

Man: (whispers) Who, me...? Unctuous...?

sexy voice: Yes.

-lights fade to black-


Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Greatest Thing I've Seen, vol. 1

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Behind the Curve

Well, I have given up being ahead of the curve. I'm just not a hipster, and I don't have time to pretend to be one. And I am certainly no music critic-at least not in the sense that I listen to everything that comes out, and can make erudite comments about the music like some of my dyed-in-the-wool music critics friends can. It means I have to spend far too much time hiding behind my headphones, listening to amorphous postpostfreejazzpostpunknoisepostbands, and reading crappy journalists rave about how sucky, pretentious-for-no-good-reason bands like the Black Swans are as good as Nick Cave, the best new thing, and will be playing amazing music that could be a soundtrack to a western from hell (and all of that because they wanted free merch, and a guest pass (+1) for the Black Swans show at Hideout)... So, if someone burns me a Lupe Fiasco CD, and I like it, I'll say, yeah this is really good! It's already a year old? Oh, that's nice. Just seems that people who are always rushing forward to catch the next thing don't spend any time with what they've got. And that just strikes me as shallow. If an album is that good, spend some time with it. Learn the words. Try to figure out what they mean. Who cares if someone else 'heard it first.' Otherwise, just admit you're a barnacle, and you don't care what kind of material (mammal, metal, wood, etc) you're hanging onto, even if it turns out to be a rusticated tin-can. Just try your best not to get dislodged...:

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Tune in Next Week for scenes from The End of the Days of Our Lives!

Our radio-play turned staged reading went over quite well. Check it out!

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A Working Draft of a Radio Play!

It's a radioplay starring me....! Give it a listen....!

"The Birthday Party"